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The summary which has been sent to the Congress:

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XXIII UIA World Congress Torino 2008


What will we leave to the future?


The human being have constructed the places of worship as temples, synagogues, churches and mosques. The mosque reached to perfect form during the Ottomans Period, by starting at the age of the Prophet Mumammad (pbuh) and developing later periods. Besides, mosques construct in the countries which has some muslim population in the world.

There is not any definite order about to design a mosque in Islam. Especially some mosques which have built in 20th and 21nd centuries which have been used reinforced concrete and steel systems commonly, we have seen having built most of them by using contemporary building systems with forms which were constructed by having been copied and imitated the masonry constructions.

Because of the architecture’s being one of the most important cultural transmitting phenomenons which is not only lived today but also transmitting our today into the future, we think to be truer and necessary transmitting the exact messages which will be reflected into the future.

Keywords: architecture, mosque, form, to transmit, imitation.


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