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An interview with Hayati Binler who is an architect

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Zeynep Binler: Firstly I'd like to thank you very much for accepting my interview invitation. Could you tell me about your education life before university.

Hayati Binler: I finished Isparta Gazi Primary School, Merkez Secondary School and Şehit Ali İhsan Kalmaz High School. I have learned a lot of things from my dear teachers. I have fond memories of all of them.

Zeynep Binler: Which faculty did you enter and when was it?

Hayati Binler: After the University Entrance Examination in 1977, I entered Ankara State Engineering and Architecture Academy Faculty of Architecture. I gratuated from that faculty in February 1982.

Zeynep Binler: Do you like architecture?

Hayati Binler: Yes, I do. Designing buildings was my dream for years and years. also I wondered how the old buildings and monuments had been built.

Zeynep Binler: When did you start the job?

Hayati Binler: I was lucky in that matter. I got a scholarship from the General Directorate of Fountadions (Vakıflar Genel Müdürlüğü). After gratuating from university, in May 1982, I started the job.

Zeynep Binler: In which department have you worked? What have you done in your job?

Hayati Binler: In the Department of Monuments and Building, The Monuments Division. I have drown the projects of existing situation. Also I have desingned the projects of restitution, restoration and renovation for monuments and old buildings. I have studied especially Seljuk and Ottoman periods. I have been in control of buildings which are being restored by contractors.

Zeynep Binler: Have you got a master degree?

Hayati Binler: Yes, I have. As I said before, I wondered how the old buildings and monuments had been built. Even though I worked in that area in my job, I wanted to study this topic. Therefore I applied for the master entrance exam. After passing the exam, I started to study the restoration and preservation of monuments. Finally I gratuated from Gazi University, Institute of Science, Department of Architecture specialising in Restoration.

Zeynep Binler: What o you think about the restoration situation in Turkey?

Hayati Binler: In short, it is not good. We can discuss some topics with regard to this issue:

1. There is not enough money or enough staff in the state.

2. We can't give a suitable function to some monuments and old buildings. So, most of them are under risk of collapsing.

3. Most of our citizens don't know how they are able to protect and use them.

Zeynep Binler: What can the government do to improve the situation?

Hayati Binler: OK. Let me say in the same order:

1. The government should give more money and should charge more expert.

2. We have to use all monuments giving suitable functions.

3. We should educate the citizens and all staffs who work on that job.

Zeynep Binler: What do you think about new mosques?

Hayati Binler: Thank you very much for the question. You asked a nice question really. It is a real problem for us. Though we live in the 21st century, we try to imitate the forms of Ottoman mosques. Although ve use cars and buses nowadays, noone wants to use a horse car. Everybody use modern tools, lives in modern flats. We don't imitate old civilization, do we?

Zeynep Binler: Exactly, I agree with you.

Hayati Binler: When we looked at the mosque area, we don't avoid using Ottoman mosques forms. This is a paradox really. So, Kocatepe Mosque can't be a Turkish Republic Modern Mosque Type. I suggest Dalokay's mosques and Hayati Binler's mosque which is in Isparta-Senirkent be called Hacı Hasan Mosque.

Zeynep Binler: Thank you very much for your information.

Hayati Binler: Your wellcome, I thank you as well.

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Hayati Binler