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How should we design and build the new mosques?

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About designing mosques, not only in Turkey but also in the world usually architects try to design the architecture of older mosque. When they design other types of buildings like office buildings, hotels, appartments, etc., they use modern forms. This situation is a real paradox.

The architects who lived three or five hundred years ago had to design their mosques’ plans like theirselves. There was neither concrete nor reinforced concrete. They had to build and construct with stone and/or brick as a stone building, so they had to use arches, domes and vaults as the structural forms. As we all have to accept, they built perfect buildings.

We have lots of technology like reinforced concrete, steel construction and also glass construction today, Why do we construct with reinforced concrete first and then why do we cover their surfaces with stone nowadays? Is it better and more natural if we build them with reinforced concrete and/or steel construction and we then cover their surfaces with modern materials?

There are copying mosques in this part and there are contemporary mosques in another part..

In your opinion; which have originality and which are copies? Which belong to us and which to the past?

The decision is yours.

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